Holidays on Bornholm

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The island of Bornholm is located in the Baltic Sea, it is called the Baltic pearl . There are many cottages and holiday apartments on the island, with one of the places as a base you could easily get around the island, either by bicycle or by bus.

Bornholm is a rocky island, the cliffs descend steeply towards the sea, but there are also many lovely sandy beaches

Bornholms is known for its many towns with small cozy well-preserved houses, its round churches and many experiences for the whole family.

The island is also known for its smokehouses, the Bornholm herring is a specialty that can be purchased in many places and you can either take them home or enjoy them on the benches outside.

Bornholm is also known for many other specialties, licorice, ice cream, soup and meat products.

Excursion goals:

Ertholmene is a small archipelago located just northeast of Bornholm. The archipelago consists of Christiansø and Frederiksø, as well as the bird area Græsholmene. You move around on a small piece of history. After Denmark had lost Skåne, Halland and Blekinge, Chr. 5. (1670-1699), it is necessary to control the Swedish Navy in the Baltic Sea. Here he built the fortress Christiansø. On Christiansø Storetårn and Lilletårn on Frederksø, there were some impressive buildings with a large ring wall facing the sea. In 1855 the fortress was closed down but it still lies there and tells about a piece of Danish cultural history.

Today Christiansø functions as a well-functioning civil society with approx. 100 residents, such as a library, post office and school, as well as grocery and hospitality. The island also has its own rescue being, electricity and waterworks.

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