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The island of Giglio is Tuscany ´s second largest island, sailing from Porto Santo Stefano on the mainland and after an hour you arrive at Giglio Porto. Nature on the island is beautiful, but pristine, you look cultivated fields mainly vineyards, forests of oaks , strawberry trees and pine trees , but most maki.På Giglio live rabbits , mouflon. Many species of birds nest on the island and many migratory birds visiting the island.Activity: swimming, diving , sailing and hiking. There are also a few tennis and football courts . Excursions at sea : day trips to other islands ,tour with taxi boat and fishing trips, you can also fish from shore. Transport :the roads on the island are not so good . There are regular bus services between the three cities that are on the island, you can also rent a minibus.
Cities : The island's main town of Giglio Castello , is a beautiful medieval town with narrow stairways . The city wall has seven towers from 1100tallet . The city has two old churches . The port city of Giglio Porto is located in a bay with a number of old houses along the bay. Giglio Campese is a seaside resort with new hotels and holiday apartments. The city is located on a bay . The city has a tower Torre del Campese .
The island´s restaurants serve delicious dishes , cooking is almost an art , especially highlighted their fish dishes , but there is also pizzeria and ice cream shops . The island is also known for its granite mines, many columns and buildings in Rome is built of granite from Giglio