Charming houses in Scotland

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Scotland is famous for its outstanding beautiful scenery, the many lakes and forts that spread across the stunning landscape.

Loch Ness: It is probably the most famous lake in Scotland, the lake is Scotland's 2nd largest, 37 km long and 1.5 km wide and 230 meters deep. There are 2 small towns at Lake Fort Augustinus and Drumnadrochit.

Stirling Castle: is one of the most visited castles in Scotland, located between Edinburgh and Glasgow. It was originally a residenz for the Scottish kings.

Urquhart Castle: Located on Loch Ness Lake, but it's a ruin, a used travel destination for travelers

Loch Lomond: Scotland's largest lake, located in the middle of the national park, 23 km from Glasgow. Along the parts of the lake, there is a 28 km long cycle route.

Edinburgh Castle: Located high above the city and rated for Edinburgh, during the summer there are concerts in front of the castle

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