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Arezzo area has a beautiful and varied nature. Just from the vast forests and hills of the Casetino area, and across the Val di Chiana valley with hills and valleys down towards Cortona, and towards Pratomagno and the many nature preserves found in this area.

Arezzo is known as the city of goldsmiths, where there is almost a goldsmith shop on each street corner. In addition, there are many antique shops that are exciting to look at.

In the old town you can see the Medici fortress and the cathedral, as well as an archaeological museum and a museum of medieval and modern art

If you are on vacation in the Arezzo area around June 20th, you must experience the rides tournament (Giosta del Saracino) where they are dressed in medieval suits and ride through the city

Also visit the other cities in the area. For example:

Monte San Savino: Located in the Valdichiana area on a hilltop overlooking the Esse valley. Here are several interesting buildings. Porto Fiorentina, which houses a museum, the little Santa Chaira church.
In the city you must taste the local Porchetta and there is Porchetta festival 2nd Sunday in September

Castiglione Fiorentino: there are traces of the Etruscan era, and the city walls are almost intact and an experience is to see the underground archaeological museum in the city. 3. Sunday in June there is a palio in the city (horse racing)
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