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The Lake Trasimeno and its surroundings are a great sight. The big lake with a wealth when it comes to plant and wildlife. It's a wonderful backdrop. The lake, the surrounding soft green hills, the great sunsets and corn fields, vineyards and olive groves. And then there are all the small towns by the lake:

Castiglione del Lago:

The city is on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. It's a beautiful city with narrow streets, every deli business selling local products, there are many bars, cafes and restaurants. The city is reflected in the lake . The city's main attraction is the Palazzo delle Corgine, which originally was a villa , but today it is the center of many cultural activities. Right next to Palazzo di Corgna lies the millitarian fortress Rocca Leone, built in the 2nd half of the 12th century on remains of aphoretic farmland. In 1310 the tower was built, which meant that you had a great view of Lake Trasimeno. Inside the building there are ruins of a church that was probably originally Byzantine. In addition, there is an amphitheater in the walls, where you can see art exhibitions throughout the summer. Every Wednesday, there is a market in the city.

Citta delle Pieve is located on a high approx. 508 meters above sea level. It is a characteristic medieval city in which also the Etruscans and Romans lived. The city was the birthplace of the painter Pietro Vanucci and there are several works by this artist. Madonna with the child in the Cathedral of Sant Gervasio. Nearby in a small town of Panicale are two more frescoes seen by the artist

Passignano is located right down to the lake, and just here we have some lovely holiday apartments, situated on a beautiful site. In this old fishing village you can see the churches of San Salvatore and San Michele Angelo. You can also see Villa Isabella di Marchesi Guglielmi. Where the old tower Ponente stands, you can by boat sail out to the island of Maggiore (the island is uninhabited). After Maggiore, you will reach Tuoro Trasimeno with ancient buildings from the Etruscan era. Known for the Battle of the Punic War and Palazzo Capra

The lake's largest island is Polvese, the island is today an offended park. There you can see the ancient monastery of San Secondo, the church of San Giuliano and the restored castle.

About 10 km from Passignano you will find the small town of Castel Rigone, with a masterpiece of the Renaissance Maria Santissima di Miracoli

Not far from this is the small town of Magione, known for its copper products and Castello dei Cavalieri di Malta, which is the seat of the Maltese Order. The place was designed for hospital in the 12th century.

Trasimeno's products are many. Regional products: olive oil, honey, cheese and wines: Doc Pieve del Vescovo, Colli Trasimeno, Grechetto, Vino Santo and Novello.

Do not miss the Trasimeno cuisine, which offers many specialties. Local products are produced in the region, for example. ceramics, metal products and crocheted things from the island of Maggiore

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