Visit the wonderful town of Todi

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Todi has probably originated around the origins of Umbria for already in the 5th and 4th centuries before Christ, the city was a flourishing centerpiece of the Etruscan culture in the area, on the right side of the Tiber.

The city is high, and it was one of the reasons that the city was sheltered throughout the ages. Todi has been under different forms of governance. In the 1200's it was an independent municipality and in the years to date there were various rulers.

Todi is surrounded by 3 city walls. When you arrive at the city wall, you immediately want to enter the gate. But outside the city gate is a very interesting building, the chic S. Maria della Consolazione, one of Umbria's most important buildings from the Renaissance. One began to build the church in 1508, but only in 1617, it was completed by the famous architects.

Then start the tour through the city gate and further up a steep narrow street with beautiful old houses on either side. The long trip ends in the city center, where there are many exciting buildings and squares: Piazza del Popolo built between 1214 and 1228, built in Gothic style and with a 4-corner tower.

Palazzo de Capitano del Popolo from the end of the 13th century, on the ground floor you will see a large pillar.

The cathedral built in the 12th century and rebuilt during the 13th and 14th centuries. Next to the church lies Bischof Palace. S. Fortuna Church, an exemplary building. In the cry of the church, well-known citizens are buried.

From the highest point of Piazza IV Novembre, you have a fabulous view of the beautiful Umbrian countryside and you can see the remains of a fortress from 1503.

An experience is also the complex, church and choice city of love and mercy, Italy's example of modern chic architecture. Thye place is today visited by many pilgrims
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