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The town of Terni is located in the southwest of Umbria. The city is called the city of in love because the earthly remains of the patron saint S. Valentin are stored in the basilica of the same name. The San Francesco church is also interesting, also on the excavations below the church.

In the park of La Passeggiate you can see remains of the city wall and amphitheater Fausto from the year 32 before Christ. There are also lots of urban buildings: Palazzo Fabrizi, Palazzo Carrara and Palazzo Spada where the municipality today has their place.

There are also remains of the Middle Ages Porta Sant Angelo, Porta Spoletina, the Cryptic Crypt, the Romanesque Tower and Castelli Tower.

The area around Terni is rich in forests and mountains and olive groves. If you want to be in close contact with nature, hiking and mountain biking or enjoying nature from horseback riding, it is in this area that you choose a holiday home.

If you are interested in birds there are approx. 160 different bird species.

There are several exciting cities in the area, which you can easily reach on a day trip. Orvieto with the beautiful cathedral, the ancient city of Ameglia and the village of Orticoli with remains of a Roman city wall and the archaeological site Carsulac.

Also nearby the lake Piediluco, you can see the great medieval fortress that dominates the entire landscape. You should also remember to experience Cascale delle Marmore.

In Terni's kitchen, local products are used. There are many cheese specialties, sausages and hams. Typically, Strangozzi and Stozzapreti are a particular kind of pasta. Different desserts are also served.

Wine is also produced in the area, both raw wine and white wine, especially known as Orvieto white wine. Olive oil is also produced in the area and in the local forests the black truffle occurs

The property has many traditions. The most important celebration is the Holy Valentine, celebrated every year in February in Terni and in the whole area.

Choose one of our holiday homes in the area. It is important to live centrally whether your holiday should include an active leisure life or you want to explore art, culture and architecture in the cities
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