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Brittany is France's largest peninsula. If you look at a map of France you will find Brittany in the far west corner. The Romans said "Finis Terrae" which means the end of the land. A term that one certainly will not use today.

Brittany is an exciting and well-visited area. It is an area of many contrasts. A coastline that brings to mind Scotland and Ireland, Another area with Mediterranean palms and pine forests.

Bretgane is divided into 4 administrative regions. Departments: Cote d'Armor, Finistere, Ille-et- Vilaine and Morbihan. That division has been around since 1956.

Where is the most beautiful place in Brittany? It's hard to answer. Each region has its distinctive character and charm. It opens up great opportunities for those who choose to vacation in Brittany
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