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The province of Agrigent is one of the most beautiful areas in Sicily. Here there are coves of sandy beaches surrounded by typical vegetation (Macchia), which is characteristic of all of Sicily.

In the interior of the area there are vineyards, fruit trees, citrus trees along with almond trees, an incredibly beautiful sight when the almond blossoms.

The area of ??the province of Agrigent has a thousand-year history, where you find traces from many different cultures.

Valle dei Templi: Located in a beautiful area, which lies between the sea and the hills, which is a beautiful sight to experience at sunset, very atmospheric experience.

Visit also: Temple Concordia, which has been transformed into a basilica, the Herkules temple, where you can still see 25 of the original 34 columns. The Archaeological Museum.

Sciacca: is the old town located by the sea built in terraces interesting is to go for a walk in the old town which is high situated, from there you go down into the more elegant part of the city and on to the harbor. Also visit the city during the Carnival season.

The region also has a lot of culinary options to offer:

salted fish, olives, dried tomatoes, artichokes, lamb, sausage spiced with fennel, rabbits, stuffed sardines with nutmeg and as dessert the famous cakes and desserts from the area
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