Beach holiday in Cefalu

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The seaside resort of Cefalu is located 1 hour's drive from Palermo, in a beautiful area with the sandy beach as the main focal point.

Visit: Madonia National Park with 2600 different plant species, spring and autumn hiking is a beautiful experience

Cefalu town also has a lot to offer, go for a walk in the medieval streets and visit the architectural gems of the city or go up to Borgen Rocca

The cathedral: built in 1150 in sandstone with 2 bell towers

The Mandralisca Museum: one of the most important museums in Sicily, here is archaeological find and a great art collection

An excursion to the Lipari islands is also a great experience. Ferries depart from Cefalu, and the trip takes 1.5-4.5 hours.

The Sicilian cuisine is very varied: Pasta alla Sarde or all Norma which are grilled aubergines and ricotta. And the desserts Cassata Siciliana, which is sweetened lamb cheese with candied fruits, or Pasta alla Mandorla, Granite, Sette Vele cake with pistachios, or Semifreddo alla Mandorla my chocolate sauce
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