Vacation in Trevi area

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A very beloved attraction in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. The construction of this building was planned already in 1732, but only in 1762 it was completed. Trevi Fountain is Rome's largest fountain.

In 2007, building damage was discovered, and therefore the old antique watering system was replaced with a new one that supplies 80 million liters of water flowing through the fountain daily.

If you stand right in front of the fountain, you immediately notice the great figure of the God of the Sea Neptune, surrounded by 2 sea horses symbolizing the sea's whims, one is calm, it symbiolises obedience, the other is wild and symbolizes injustice.

The fountain also shows other baroque figures and fables. Opposite the Trevi Fountain there are 4 small figures that represent the 4 seasons

Rome's Caritras gets the many coins that are thrown into the fountain year after year. To throw a coin in the Trevi fountain would mean happiness. You must stand your back facing the fountain and throw the coin with your left hand over the right shoulder, you can also use your right hand and then throw over the left shoulder.

The legend says that if you throw 1 coin in you return to Rome, throw 2 you fall in love with a Romans either male or female and if 3 coins are thrown you will also be married to a Romans.

Omn the Piazza di Trevi is the Basilica of Santa Maria di Trevi
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