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The town of Orvieto is located on a tufsten cliff and its history dates back to the ethnic culture.

The great cathedral whose gothic facade is decorated with mosaics and beautiful reliefs. Inside the church there are great masterpieces in the form of paintings and frescoes.

The oldest church is S. Giovale, built in 1004, here are frescoes from the Oriental school. The city's theater has a beautifully decorated facade. There are also several exciting buildings: Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo Popolo, Palazzo dei Sett, Moro Towers and Maurizio. Palazzo Faina is the seat of the archaeological museums: the mussel of the Opera Duomo and the Museum of Modern Art.

The town's very special attraction is the S. Patrizio well, it is 62 meters deep and you can reach the well's bottom via 2 spiral staircases. The well was built by the Etruscans, and has provided the city with water all the time from the Etruscan era. During his Pope Klemens VII, a new top of the old one was built, named Cava, the new complex pulled back to Etruscan, Middle Ages and Renaissance times. The underground of Orvieto is a network of tunnels, cisterns, wells and basements.

It is also nice to go for a walk in Orvieto's streets and look at the many shops with clothing, ceramics and specialty stores selling local products.

Orvieto is also known for the Orvieto wine, which is a white wine
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