Vacation in the Umbertide area

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In the 6th century a bronze figure was found on a mountain top. The figure is called Monte Acuto and is a sanctuary from the earlier Etruscan era. The first reference to Umbertide's history dates from 1189, when heard the city under the government of Perguia. In the 16th century, the city became a church state and remained the foundation of the kingdom of Italy in 1860.

Today Umbertide is a modern city with flourishing business life. The city landmark is the medieval fortress of Rocca. The city has several interesting churches: the 16th century S. Maria della Reggia. Kikren S. Croce, who has been restored and transformed into a museum. There is art exhibition with works of Luca Signorelli and Pomarancio

The Church S. Barnadino from 1556. Cork S. Maria della Pieta from 1486 with frescoes of Pinturricchio. The city's oldest church, S. Francesco, from 1299. After a long-standing restoration, the church was opened to the public in 2005 and church services are held.

Nearby Umbertide you can see the castle of Civitella, Serra Partucci, Montalto, Ascagano, Romeggio and Polgeto, as well as the ancient medieval villages of Montemigiano and Santa Giulana.

4 km from Umbertide is the monastery of S. Salvatore di Monte Corona, in the crypt there is a beautiful Romanesque chapel and frescoes from the 14th century.

In the medieval city of Preggio, it is worth seeing: Rocca, SS Trinita in the 13th century San Francesco and 15th century Madonna delle Grazie church
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