Winter in Grindelwald

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Grindelwald is surrounded by the stunning scenery of Eiger Nordwand and Wetterhorn, which makes Grindelwald one of the most visited resorts in Switzerland and the largest ski resort in the area.

At Grindelwald there are more than 300 km of hiking trails. Try the route from Grindelwald further along Bachald See and on to the Schuniget plateau.

In winter there are 160 km of pistes up to 2,500 meters altitude, and 80 km of hiking trails, 60 km of sledges incl. the 15 km long trip from Faulhorn and down to the valley.

Events summer and winter:

Jungfraujoch: the ultimate destination in 3454 meters altitude

Eiger-Nordwand: one of the hardest routes, from Scheiderdegg, one can admire the brave ones climbing the steep route

Gletschergorge: on the outskirts of Grindelwald lies the glacier gorge, you see the pink and green marble blocks, and the route leads through rock galleries and tunnels
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