Accomadation in the lovely town og Pula

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Istria's largest city of Pula is a city with exciting history, the region's cultural center, beaches and many offerings for today's tourists.

Beaches: There are many different beaches, the city is an exciting seaside resort. The beaches are a mix of rock and rstone beaches, loungers are on some beaches and others can have restaurants and cafees There are also places to practice water sports, for example jet skiing.

Blue Flag Beaches:

Plaza Brioni: 200 meters of rocky beach

Plaza Ambrela: 160 meters of rocky beach

Plaza Valkane: stone and rocky beach

Plaza Histria: 200 meters, rocky beach approx. 6 km from the city center

There are many dog ??beaches

Sights: The Arena of Pula is from the 1st century. During Roman times there was a gladiator struggle and during the Middle Ages there were horse tournaments and markets. Today there are many different events, concerts and festivals.
The Arc de Triomphe "Golden" is called. It is built 2-27 BC. The port of Porta Aurea was destroyed in the 19th century

Augustus temple was built 2-14 years BC and dedicated to Emperor Augustus. The construction is typical and refers to the way that was built in ancient Rome.

Forum was in ancient and in the Middle Ages Pula's focal point. Around the Forum were religious administration, history and scientific bodies. The temple and the antique houses you feel are back in Roman times.

The double gate and the city walls: In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, the city was surrounded by a wall with 10 entrance gates. Unfortunately, only left remains of the wall

Franciscan Church and Monastery built in the 14th century and dedicated to French of Assisi

The church Maria Himmelfart built 4-5 century. After several fire damage, the church was rebuilt in the 17th century

The castle stands on one of Pulas 7 highs. Was built in 1630 to protect the city and the harbor. Today is Kastellet Istria's historical museum

The glowing giant: giant light show, developed by light designer Dean Skira, showing in the evening, 1st hour each hour

Other attractions: Herculesgate, Orthodox Church Hl. Nikolaus, H. Maria Formosa Chapel, Archaeological Museum and Pula Aquarium
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