Accomadation in the nice area of Buje

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The small village of Buje is surrounded by high and already in prehistoric times the town was inhabited. The city is located in the northwestern part of Istria, not far from Umag, 200 meters above sea level, the surrounding nature with fertile fields and forests is favored by Mediterranean climate, giving wine and olive the ideal growth conditions. In Bunje there are over 10 wines that are sold throughout Croatia. In addition, you can buy olive oil, ham, cheese and other specialties from the area of the hospitable hosts. There is also the opportunity to see how to produce olive oil. The city has many historical and cultural attractions.

Sights: The Church of the Holy Servulus. Church of Mercy's Mother. Panoramic view from the Holy Servulus bell tower. Ethnographic Museum and Orsola Gallery. Wine party with open cantina in Monjan. Oleum Olivarium in Krasica with the fair for olive oil. spareges fest (Sparogada) in the castle
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