Visit the old town of Rovinj

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The charming little town of Rovinj is located on the west coast of Istria between the towns of Porec and Pula. There is life on the promenade on the banks of the river and in the old town's narrow alleys you can go on a historic time walk. There are beautiful beaches in the bay alongside Rovinj's riviera.

Beaches: Strand Lone, 300m long with sports activities, restaurants and cafes.

Strand Balsamake is located near the Zlatni forest park. You can seek shade under big pine trees.

Beach Baluoto (Monte) 600 meters long rocky beach

Strand Valdaliso: nice pebble beach, clear water. Restaurants, changing cabinet and toilets. Part of the beach is reserved for nudists

Strand Porton Biondi: with restaurants and cafes. From the beach there is a great view up to the old town

Beach Kuvi: 800 meters long beach approx. 2½ km from the center. It is a family-friendly beach.

Beaches on nearby islands:

On the island Hl. Katarina there are great rock and pebble beaches
Beach MariaTheresia and West Rovinj


Church Hl. Euphemia with 60 meter high tower

The baptismal church it hl. Trinity. The baptismal church is near the bus station and is the city's oldest building. In a room behind the church there is a museum.

Franciscan convent from the 18th century located opposite the old town of De Amicis 36. The monastery houses a large library and convent museum.

Balbi Castle, the city walls and the city gate. The castle was built in the 17th century. Residues from the 7th century city wall. Of the 7 city ports, another 3 are preserved.

Theater Antonio Gandusi, Town Hall, Town Hall and galleries and museums along the Grisago street. Sacred buildings. In Rovinj on a 5,500 sqm. For a great reason you can see miniature buildings from all over Croatia in the miniature park.

One should not forget to enjoy the evenings. visit a restaurant or tavern to taste dishes from the Istrian cuisine, some of the restaurants are located along the promenade along the sea
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