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The resort of Medulin is located at the southern tip of the Istria region ca. 10 km south of Pula. Medulin was originally a small fishing village, but in the last decades it has turned into a modern resort town

The town offers many attractions and many good beaches. Along the promenade you will find several shops, cafes, bars and restaurants serving delicious regional dishes. A special specialty is black risotto and crayfish salad

Sights: Vizula-Zeugnis Antike: In the middle of the bay of Medulin, on a peninsula lies the archeological city of Vizula, there are ancient foundations as well as building remains from Roman times.

In addition, there are several sacred sights, the Medulin church, the fortress on the hill Vrcevan, the sculpture on the hill is Saint Peter and the remains of a Roman cemetery near Hotel Arcus.

Beaches: Strand Bijeca is a sandy beach at 1.5 km. There are toilets and shower facilities, as well as restaurants and bars. There are big trees so you can seek shade.

Strand Belvedere: is an approx. 1000 sqm large sandy beach, you can hire sun loungers and umbrellas. Taxi departs both to the Levan peninsula from the beach

Beach / peninsula Levan: A nice beach, but also the flora and fauna is absolutely worthwhile

Strand Peninsula Vezula: There are quiet coves that are suitable for bathing. Exciting animal and plant life

Strand Skrape: Ideal for families with children

From Medulin you can sail out to islands with its lovely beaches. You can reach the islands by private boat or taxi boat
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