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The city of Zminj is located in the center of Istria. It is surrounded by greenery and lush fields. Many years ago, the city was divided into 2. One part was as the city is today. The other part was on a nearby high and was called Gemini. The city is today connected with neighboring cities via a well-developed road network.

The city has a long and exciting history that is clearly visible today. It can be seen in the old town and if you walk around the city center with the old houses, the fortress wall, the fortress and the old church with medieval furniture. The beautiful scenery surrounds the city, ancient forests, lush fields and vineyards. It is a city that has retained its old look and old traditions.

Sights: The fortress built in the 15th century. Church of S. Michael from the 17th century with sculpture by S. Michael. The 15th century holy trinity church with splendid frescoes. St. Anton Church from the 14th century. Saint Bartul Church from the 16th century. St. Foska church from the 18th century. The cave Festinsko are magnificent

Experiences: Cheesedage, exhibition of cheeses and other dairy products will take place from 9 to 10 September. On August 28, Zminj Bartulia, the largest folk festival in Istria, will be held. The fig and fig tree party. Zminj Gaderace (race) will be held 3-4 October
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