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The town of Krnica or Carnita is located on the east coast of Istria. The city is located 195 meters above sea level. The city is landed by refugees from Dalmatia. The city's landmark is the bell tower on St. Rok church, the surrounding landscape is characterized by cliffs, but there is also a plateau from which you have fabulous views of Kvarner and the bay with the crystal clear water. The area also offers rich varied plant growth. If you want peace, a stroll in the unspoiled countryside is an opportunity.

The local harbor is full of life, it is the starting point for many fishing boats. The freshly caught fish are transformed into traditional local dishes. The many archaeological finds show back to Roman times. During Roman times, a route passed through Flanatica to Pula, there are still remains of buildings from this time. In 1903 large amounts of gold and bronze coins were made in a cave.


Krnicas Church "The Holy Rok" built in 1631 and expanded in 1774. The 25 meter tall bell tower was built in 1882. The church has 4 chapels, a sakresti and 5 altars of marble

Renaissance building kirkenb the Holy Magdalene. Kriken has the biggest and most beautiful altar in Croatia. The bell tower is next to the church, built in 1622.

There are remains of an old fortress, a wall, and a double door is preserved. The door served earlier as the city's protection.

Karran: The Church of Saint Jeremiah

Hretjici: The church The mother of health was founded in 1726 on remains of a former church. On the facade you will find tombstones with inscriptions. The altar is with sculptures and pictures from the 18th century

Filipana: The Church "The Holy Apostles Philip and Jacob" built in 1609 and renovated in 1926

Rokoro: A folk party will be held on 16 August in Raklaj, the story of "dear stone". Here we meet poets and speakers from all of Istria. The name stems from the poetry collection by poet Mijo Mirkovic. This event will take place in September
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