Vacation in Bastia area

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The Bastia area is located on the mountainous northeastern coast, where you will find many mountain villages lurking beyond the beautiful scenery,

South of Bastia lies Korsica's lagoon, a nature conservation area with a long pine breeding just interrupted by the fine sandy beach, a paradise for beach lovers.

Bastia: In the city you can see the Baroque churches, and those who like to go shopping there are a rich selection in Boulevard Paoli or Rue Cesa Campinchi. In addition, there are many restaurants and cafes in the area of Place st. Nicolas, surrounded by palm trees.

Saint Florent: is a nice little seaside town located in the bay of Saint Florent.

Cap Corse: Located on the northern tip, a mountain ridge dale area inland, the road runs along the steep cliffs and is a wonderful sight. Also visit the black beach of Nonza, note the 32 towers that guard the small harbors and villages in the area.