Holidays in Opatija

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In the northern part of Kvarner bay, not far from Rijeka lies the tourist town of Opatija. The city lies in the shelter of the Ucka Mountains and offers a mild and comfortable climate throughout the year. The city is a favorite tourist destination and is also called the pearl of tourism.

The city has been known by tourists for about 160 years. Opatija began as a winter SPA town and the hotels and villas built on the time have now been renovated and now stand as hotels and residences. There are beautiful beaches and Opatijas Riviera belongs to the town of Volosko and to the north is Icici, Ika and Lovan and to the south is the town of Moscenika Draga


The beach of Slatina is one of the most loved beaches. There is blue flag. There is space for sunbathing and from there you can easily swim in the clean water. There is an artificial landscaped sandy beach that is suitable for families with children. For those who want an active holiday there are leisure and sports activities. You can hire sun loungers and umbrellas. In the background there are restaurants, bars and icecaves.

The Lido Beach: An artificially landscaped sandy beach that is widely visited. By the beach there is a possibility to have a shower, you can hire sun loungers and umbrellas. There are sports and leisure activities and water bikes and banana boats can be hired. Near the beach there is an open air cinema that shows movies and concerts.

The Tomasavec Beach: It is located just off the Longo Mare footpath. It is a pebble beach. There is a small water slide

The beach Lipovica: It is a pebble beach. You can hire sun loungers and umbrellas. There is a playground for the children in the background.

The beach of Crnikovica (Volosko): It is located in the small fishing village bordering directly on Opatija

The 2-part city park: The park has often been called Croatia's most beautiful park. The one part of Park Park Angiolina, and the other Park of the Holy Jacob. The most famous sights are Villa Angiolina, the Botanese garden and the church of Saint Jacob. The park is built between 1845 and 1860

Villa Angiolina: The villa was built in 1840 by Igino Scarpa. The villa was built before the park was landscaped. Today, the Croatian Tourist Museum is located in the villa.

The botanical garden: the park is 3.6 hectares. In the park grows about 150 plant species.

The church Maria : There is a tree-lined building in the Romanian style built by architect Charles Seidl in 1906. The church's green dome makes the church easily recognizable

Walk of Fame: Decorated in 2005 there is Slatina Street, it's like the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, just a little smaller.

Longo Marc: It is a 12 kilometer long road. Here you can connect a stroll with sightseeing of sights, passing by the city park, numerous galleries and art exhibitions

Sports activities: In the clear waters of the many coves there is ample opportunity to snorkel. In Opatija there are 3 diving schools in the summer for both beginners and practitioners. In the bay of Tramontana you can surf, especially in the morning. There are several cycling routes, for example. The 40 km long trip through the old towns of Liburnia or if you ride a mountain bike, there is a 17 km route through Ucka Nature Parks. The area around Opatija is a parais for walkers eg. Kastavstina area

Events: There are numerous events all year in Opatija. The most famous is the Opatija carnival that begins in the middle of January. There are people from the surrounding mountain villages and tourists from all over Europe.
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