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The Dubrovnik Riviera is a stretch of coast from Reika Dubrovacka to Peljesac. It is an area with the opportunity to have many wonderful holiday experiences. There are guided tours in cliffs and canyons, as well as walks along olive fences and vineyards. You can also experience century-old traditions such as folk dance and the temperamental dance of Lindo.

Rijeka Dubrovka is an area of amazingly diverse nature, with olive fences, vineyards, many rivers, bays and gorges. In Rijeka Dubrovacka Marina, in the very special nature harbor, there are many yachts from all over the world throughout the winter.

Veliki and Mali Zaton: Both cities have a picturesque nature and in the bay you can enjoy the lovely sandy beaches. There are several good restaurants

Orasac: an unusually beautiful city and a beautiful beach. One can visit the Sodarina Castle, where there is an excellent restaurant

Trstena: Scenic town, with long culture traditions. In a bygone era, the town was the residence of a well-known Dubrovnik, the Gucetic family, who lived in a castle. The family circle was artists, poets and nature lovers, putting their mark on the city and especially in the castle parks, as some of the guests brought special rare plants. But unfortunately the entire city burned down in 1991. The city has been under reconstruction for a long time. And today tourists return to the city.

Stano: is another of Dubrovnik's exciting cities. It is a town with many sights and a nice beach. There are many cultural traditions and memorials. Mentioned shall be H1. Hieronymus from the 15th century, a palace and a summer villa owned by the Okmusevic family. There are large pine forests and olive groves

Zapa Dubrovcka: is a scenic stretch from eastern Dubrovnik to the mountains of Srd and Bosanka down towards the Zapa Bay and the many sandy beaches

Kupari: Located on a large sandy beach. Kupari is one of the first tourist towns that built modern hotels and built boulevards with palm trees and neria. Previously, the city was known for the material that adorned the roofs of the old houses. In Cibaci you can see a castle ruin. Zapabugten is known for the many archaeological finds.

Sebreno: a beautiful city in the Zapá bay with a magnificent Mediterranean flora. There are still remains of the architecture of the past, including fortresses, churches and tombs.

Plat is the middle of cypresses and pines stretching down to the sandy beaches

Molunat: a romantic village with beach and very steep cliffs
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