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The small town of Prizba is located on the southeastern coast of Korcula. It is located right on the coast, it is 4 km long and consists of small bays and 2 peninsulas: Ratkund and Priscapac. On both sides of the peninsula there is a lovely child-friendly kst beach, where you can hire sun loungers, umbrellas, kayaks, small boats or jet skis. You can drive by car to the beach, parking space is available. The beach is clean, there are toilets and showers. The rest of the peninsula's coastline is very steep, rocky and hardy accessible.

In the area of Prizba there are numerous beautiful villas, and there are large coniferous forests. In the town there are campgrounds, some restaurants, cafes and few shops. In the city you can hire bicycles and small motorboats to sail out to small green uninhabited islands where you can swim. Fishing is also possible. There are cycle routes from Prizba via Brna to Vela Luka, the road goes along the coast through small bays and you can experience archaeological sites from the island's past.

Distances. Brna 4 km, Smokvica 8 km, Blato 10 km, Vela Luka 10 km, town of Korcula 40 km
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