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The most beautiful landscape in Dalmatia can be experienced on the southern side of Peljesac peninsula. In the bay of Zuljana lies the village of Trstenik, which exports the famous wines Dingac and Postup, produced nearby, where the grapes have the best growth conditions, almost the best in Croatia
Croatia's most important wine areas: Trstenik, Berech, Pivavicino, Potomje and Podobuce. An important person to mention in this regard is Mike Grgic. He was born at Peljesac and he established a desolate school in Zagreb, after which he emigrated to California, where he continued to extract and improve vine plants.

For wine lovers and for those who just enjoy a good bottle of wine you can try wines from the beautiful region, which are family-owned wine cellars in Bereich and Trstenik worth a visit

The medieval town of Ston is divided into 2 parts: 1. Ston with 500 inhabitants. It is located on the Stonski Canal, surrounded by a stone wall. 2nd district is located at the Malinstonski Canal,
The town is known for its oysters and clams and for its excellent restaurants.

Sights: The fortress of Koruna (1347). The Watchtower Toljevac (1478) and the port gate with the figure of the hl. Blasius (1336-1358)

In Ston and surrounding area there is a special atmosphere that is calm, traces of older cultures and a crystal clear sea. It is also a special experience to walk in the narrow streets and alleys and enjoy the view of the beautiful houses. One can have a culinary experience in the restaurants where served the country's best mussels. In Ston are wine produced.

Beaches: Peljesac is famous for sand and pebble beaches. The beaches and the water are clean so you can tumble in the waves or stroll along the beach

Sights: Europe's longest stone wall (5.5 km), crutches, palaces, saltwater reclamation, the Veliki fortress and the guard tower. A Franciscan monastery with memorials and art and the late Romanesque church in the Holy Nicolas church dates back to the 14th century.

In the central square of Ston lies the town hall and there are small cafes, shops and post office in the square
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