Vacation in La Plagne

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The La Plagne ski area is located in the Savoie department. For all those who enjoy winter sports and others who would like to practice the activities that belong to a mountain landscape, the La Plagne area is a good choice.

The entire area consists of 11 small villages or ski stations, each with its own distinctive character.

But the whole area is at an altitude of 12.00-3.250 meters and there are 425 km of slopes, there are also 2 snow parks and a freestyle track.

La Plagna is open both summer and winter with a wide range of activities. Skiing in the winter and opportunities for paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing in the summer.


In the La Plagna area there are a large number of parties and cultural events throughout the year


every Saturday Macot-la-Plagna

every Wednesday La Plagna

During the winter season you should pay particular attention to Mix Montalberg, which is held as a festival for electronic music

In February, every year the Feast of the Holy Agatha is held, with sports shows, torches and fireworks.

In July, the lakes party is held with many activities

In August festival of culture
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