Vacation on the island Pag

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The small island of Pag is north of Zadar, the island is approx. 59 km2 large

The island is renowned for its craftsmanship, and the famous Pager cheese fits the white wine Zutica, the wine also fits dishes with lamb.

There are many small villages on the island. To the slightly larger cities belong the city of Pag and north of the city of Novalja. Both cities have beautiful beaches and more offers for leisure and sporting activities.

On the west coast of the island there are large olive groves, pine forests and vineyards

The city of Pag is a quiet city that offers several cultural attractions while the city of Novalja is lively with a thriving nightlife that the city is known for

You can reach the island of Pag by bridge or a ferry connection from Prizna to Zigljen on the north side of the island.
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