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The Algarve coast is known for many who have visited Portugal during their vacation.

Here is a mild climate year-round, more than 3000 sunshine hours and limited number of rainy days, making the Algarve coast attract tourists all year round.

Here you will find good beaches with fine white sand and the 200 kilometer long stretch of coast attracts bathers who want to sail, surf, windsurf or just swim and relax at the beach with the family.

The many golf courses on the Algarve coast also attract many visitors, the golf courses are some of the best in Portugal, and there are 40 golf courses of various difficulty levels, so there are beginners and the more experienced golfer.

The kitchen on the Algarve coast offers many delicious fish species, but also meat dishes are on the menu, and also taste the local almond liqueur or the special strawberry tree snaps.
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