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Desenzano is a big city. There is life in the main pedestrian area, with a wide range of shops of different kinds. Also the range of restaurants, cozy cafes and bars is large. There is a beautiful lake promenade and sunsets over Lake Garda, from the pier is indescribable.

Market: every Tuesday. In addition there is antique market 1st Sunday of the month (except January and August)

Porto Vecchio: consists of an old and a new part that is connected by a bridge, and here are also beautiful villas and cafes

Castello: medieval castle located above Piazza Malvezzi, from which there is a beautiful view of Lake Garda

Museo Civico Archeologico: The Archaeological Museum is located in an old convent directly on the beach promenade

Notte Bianca: every Wednesday, is featured with music, open-air dining, shops and restaurants open until 24.00
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