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Near Salo and on the western side of Lake Garda lies the beautiful city of Gardone. The elegant city is one of the towns located at the so-called lemon riviera. The city has 2700 inhabitants.

A retrospect of the city's history. Gardone belonged to "Magnifica Patria" from 1337-1797. In the 19th century, the city became almost a center of health. It became a SPA town and quite quickly, hotels has been buildt. Today there are stylish hotels and holiday homes of different kinds.

If you go out of your holiday home you can experience the following sights: you can walk in one of the city's parks and gardens, or in the small picturesque narrow streets of the old town, in the city center you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and admire the beautiful buildings and cozy squares.

Other attractions: Vittoriale degli Italiano Museum, referring to the poet Gabriele d. Annuzio, open air theater where concerts and theater performances are held. Church of S. Nicala and Villa Alba.

Gardone's beautiful natural surroundings invite nature lovers uf to explore areas with lemon trees, cypresses, agaves and much more. Already in 1910, the naturalist Athur Hruska established a botanical garden of 10,000 square meters. and in 1971 the garden was added to 200 planet rh. In 1988 the garden was sold to Andre Haller

He opens the doors for holidaymakers so they could have the opportunity to go for a walk in the garden and enjoy the ocean's diversity of plants. After a 45-minute stroll, you arrive at the church of San Michele, located at a high point in the city. From here you have an indescribable panoramic view of Gardone, the strongest proof of the city's beauty
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