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Bardolino is a gem, a city that many returns to year after year, here is all you need for a holiday on Lake Garda.

Here are many shops, restaurants and cafes just waiting to be visited, and not least the beaches of the city are also one of the reasons for staying here.

In the underlying area there are vineyards and olive groves, so here are all the possibilities to taste and buy the famous Bardolino wine, or perhaps a bottle of olive oil from a local producer.

Market in Bardolino: every Thursday

Interesting places to visit in the area:

The Zeni Wine Museum: A small museum describing the history of wine production

Museo dell'Olio: Museum of Olive Oil, but here is also a shop where you can buy olive oil

Events and events in Bardolino 2019

Carnival (March 2)

Easter in Bardolino: Tasting of wine and olive oil, music organizers, craft market and traditional local products (March 30-2 April)

Vinitaly and the City: The seafront is transformed into a large outdoor exhibition with the opportunity to taste different products. In addition, there are various events and artists exhibiting (7-10 April)

Festa dell Uva e del Vino: the wine party that attracts more than 100,000 each year (3rd to 7th of October)
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