Vacation in Citta di Castello

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The city of Citta di Castello is located in the province of Perugia

You will soon be captivated by the city's many medieval sights. Throughout the century, large buildings have been built in the city. The cathedral dates from the 11th century and the cylindrical tower is from Roman times, from the tower you have panoramic views. In the cathedral museum there are sculptures and church objects.

Other religious buildings: St. Francis Church with the Vitelli Chapel, Church and Monastery St. Doninic with 15th-century frescoes, 13th century church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Basilica of Pieve di Canoscio located about 450 meters above sea level.

Priors Palazzo Town Hall, located on Piazza Matteotti. There are many palaces: Palazzo Vitelli Cannoniera, Palazzo Vitelli in Sant Egidio and Palazzo Vitelli in Piazza. The city's landmark is the Civic tower from the 13th century

You can also go for a walk, maybe shop and find some of the beautiful houses made by the locals. And in the evening enjoy a delicious dinner from the varied selection on the menu.

3 kilometers from the old town, the Fonteccio Bath is located if you want to relax, have a massage and enjoy a hot tub

Citta di Castello has a beautiful nature, with forests, greenery and parks, among other things. Swan Park along the Tiber river shore wide.

Events: In November, stalls are set in places in the old town, which can be purchased: white truffle, olive oil, mushrooms, cheese and honey. Between August and September, the festival will be held with music

One can say: In Citta di Castello you can experience: historical sites, museums, churches, art and delicious food especially the white truffle
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