Vacation in Spoleto

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The city of Spoleto is located on a hill. Throughout the ages, the city has had many functions. In Roman times, it was the garrison city, later became the trading city. The city has been independent duchy. And under Frederik Babarossa, the city was destroyed and later, under Pope Gregor IX, it was rebuilt.

Today it appears as an exciting city where you can experience the following :

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta from 1175. The interior of the church is in Baroque style, the facade of the church is adorned with Byzantine mosaics and window shades.

The large castle site Rocca Abbornox was built in 1359. It is today a museum of artworks from Roman times and the Middle Ages.

The Aquatic Ponte delle Torri was originally from Roman times, but in the 13th century it was built as a true copy of the old one. Aquaduct is probably the most important building for the city.

Palazzo Spada with textile museum

The San Salvatore Amphitheater from the 4-5 century has works of art from the earliest times of Christianity.

Roman bridge Ponte Sanguinario. It is located at Piazza Vittoria, which is 24 meters long and 9 meters tall and is very well maintained
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