Holiday on the wonderful Island Elba

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Elba is located in the sea off the coast of Tuscany. The island is 224 km2 large and there are 32,000 inhabitants. The island is divided into 8 municipalities, of which Portoferraio is the largest and Maciana Marina is the smallest.

Elba's story is not about only the 10 months Napoleon stayed on the island. But he managed to make his mark. He built roads and 2 large villas, which today are a popular museum. The history of the island goes far back and the archaeological museum in Marciana shows back from the Middle Ages.

For those who love the sea and nature, Elba opens great opportunities. A fascinating underwater world, with natural caves, rocks and colorful fish. Guided tours by boat between cliffs in the crystal clear waters are a fabulous experience. You can practise all kinds of water sports, but you can also choose to relax on the beach and enjoy the view of the sea.

Due to the warm climate and the unspoiled natural beauty, there are both opportunities for those who want to play extreme sports and for those who want a more quiet holiday. Everyone can enjoy nature whether on foot or on horseback.

One can also be lucky to stay at Elba when one of the many events takes place, for example. culinary festivals, folk parties or wine festivals.

Elbas's kitchen produces many dishes that are regional, for example. excellent soups, fish dishes that include many herbs and vegetables.

Wine cultivation has taken place in Elba for many years. However, production has grown, partly because of the cultivation of vine plants on larger areas and partly because of better machinery. It is especially DOC wines produced, a DOC brand characterizes an approved wine. The following brands may include purchased: Elba BIanca DOC, Elba Ansonica, Elba Rosso DOC, Elba Rosso Reserve and Elba Moscato

The small island of Elba, despite its size, has such a wide range of activities and sights that it is difficult to choose. So start by choosing one of our holiday apartments or a villa. From a safe base, you can plan what activities are in your taste

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