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Switzerland is 42,285 km2 large and it has a population of approx. 8 million.

The country has a magnificent nature with mountain ranges, rivers and lakes. It is a suitable place for a holiday all year round. Winter is cold with a lot of snow, so a good choice for those who want to go in winter .

The same mountains are chosen spring and summer for a paradise for hikers, where there was snow before, the area is transformed into a lush green area, with flowering trees and fields.

The country is divided into 26 cantons, spoken 4 different languages ??and the capital is called Bern. The country's largest city is Zurich. Other major cities are Ghent, Basel, Lausanne, Wintherthur and St. Gallen, but there are also many small mountain villages that are definitely worth a visit.

There is also beautiful one of the many lakes and there are 1,484 in total.

Switzerland has many traditions that vary from city to mountain range. Folk music is a very old tradition and especially harmonica, violin and "hackboard" are used. The compositions that are very old and have often been inherited from generation to generation.

In addition, the alphorn is also used with its deep warm voice, which in the early days calls for a communication form when the shepherds should be contacted. The jodle also belong to traditions within the music.

Exports: the most important watches, but also textiles and handicrafts. wood cutting and furniture.

The Swiss cuisine is a potpourri of regional dishes. There are several different specialties . Fondue and chocolate are typical of Switzerland. Many different kinds of sausages, approx. 350 varieties from all over the country. Last and not least alpine cheese, which was previously made in the huts, to use the meal while it was healthy and to gather supplies for the long winter. Today the cheeses are smoked. Wine is also produced

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