Beautilful villas in Greece

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Greece is a country still attracting many tourists, many coming back year after year, and new ones who find Greece a good destination, especially because of the culture, the food, the beautiful beaches, and the friendly population.

The climate:

Since it is a Mediterranean climate, summer can be very hot up to 40 degrees, but already in April it is pleasant approx. 20 g
degree, so if you can travel outside the warmest months it's both more comfortable and the houses and apartments are usually cheaper

The food:

For example, enjoy one of the many fish dishes available at the various restaurants or a moussaka, gyros and a Greek red wine and end with an ouzo


Here are many possibilities, for example, a beach holiday for the whole family, or diving in the crystal clear water, or perhaps hiking in the mountains, it's up to you what the holiday should contain

The beaches:

here are more than 9000 km of beaches on the Greek islands, which reach 4000 km of coastline on the mainland and the water quality is in top,