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If you want art and culture to be the primary content of yor holiday, it's important to have a base the right place. So do not miss our selection of holiday apartments. Contact us and we will help you find the holiday apartment that meets your needs.

Rom has an exciting story that goes back more than a thousand years. Rome is also the center of Christianity with the Vatican City and the headquarters of the Pope. Rome has numerous sights that are extremely interesting, many Roman works from the Roman Empire. Rome is a big city with approx. 3 million inhabitants, it is therefore important that your holiday home is in the right place

It may also be nice to snuggle around the city center to shop in one of the many small and big shops where fashion and small art shops. Near the Spanish Steps there are fashion stores whose goods are at reasonable prices. A lot of souvenirs are offered. But at Piazza Navona, several artists add to, they paint oil and watercolor images from Rome's many beautiful areas.

There are also many delicatessen shops in the city, which include wine, honey, olive oil, all kinds of pasta, cheese and ham. In your holiday apartment you may even prepare delicious meals with any of these delights

Rome is a cultural metropolis, which is over 80 theater where it is open from October to May. Also in the summer you can experience theater performances in open-air scenes. And the music plays a major role, concerts are being held in big concert halls and in small clubs. In the summer there are music festivals.

But the biggest cultural experiences are the numerous museums, ancient monuments and art galleries. One thing is clear when planning a holiday to Rome, you mustto book atleast a holiday home one week, to see some of the many sights Rome offers.

Rome has a very interesting history, already in ancient times and in the aftermath of Emperor's time, Rome was a vast metropolis, at that time flourished architecture, mentioning arenas, trumpets and palaces with magnificent sales. Later, the Romans invented a new building material called Roman concrete, which was a special mix of volcanic sand, lime and water. This became the basis for the construction, some buildings were then covered with brick or marble.

In ancient Rome there were well-developed waterworks and terms. In the 1st century, every citizen in Rome had 600-900 liters of water available per day.. Today, you can still experience great old bathing areas that meant a lot for the people of ancient Rome

Romans have always been dealing with original meals. Specialties and good wines were reserved for the wealthy part of the population.

In Rome you will find a large selection of restaurants. Prices vary a lot, but you can expect that where there are many Romans the food is in top.

Like many other places in Italy, there are also many pasta dishes in Rome, such as pasta with tomato sauce, and gnocchi are also made from flour and potatoes. A dinner often consists of starter-pasta-meat and dessert. The drinks are usually water and wine, but also coffee in several varieties, from the black espresso to the macchiato with a lot of milk, you can also order a thinner coffee, caffe lungo and last but not least cappuccino that is also available in several variations

There are many different types of dining options to choose from: restaurants, trattoria, osteries, pizzerias, bars and cafes. The expensive restaurants are usually near the major sights. As a rule, menu and price list hang out outside the eateries, so you can inform yourself about the price level

For Romans, breakfast does not play the big part, for the most part it's just a cup of coffee and maybe a little bread. If you stay at the hotel it is different, honors offered buffet breakfast. Lunch is usually served between 12.30 and 14.30. The dinner is served after 20 maybe even at. 21

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