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One of the big holiday destinations in Italy is the region of Tuscany. In Tuscany we offer a large and varied selection of villas, wineries, holiday apartments and holiday homes.

The region has a long exciting history, rich in art and culture and famous for its wines. The region's capital is Florence which was the Medici family residence city.

Florence is almost a large museum with many beautiful buildings, among other things. the cathedral of Santa Maria Novella, the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizians with works of the great masters. The city is located by the River Arno, across the river, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and the famous shops of the Old Town. Florence deserves a visit for several days, so we will suggest you to rent one of our holiday apartments in the beautiful city so you can explore the city. You will need more than a vacation in Florence, but just come back to Italiavillas. We rent holiday homes in all seasons.

You can also use Florence as a starting point for other Tuscany's exciting cities, including. Siena, with the famous Campo Piazza, where you can experience Palio every year.

The city of Pisa is another famous excursion destination. It is also an interesting city, especially known as the city for its leaning tower, the beautiful church and the baptistery and the city's museums.

Also mentioned are the medieval town of San Gimignano with its towers and beautiful towers houses, further sights are the beautiful landscape and the many reinaissance inspired buildings.

If you are not for a city break, but would rather live in more quiet and rural areas where you can enjoy the beautiful Tuscan countryside, we have a very large range of houses, wineries and larger villas.

Tuscany has beautiful rocky coasts, but on the Tuscan islands there are also sandy beaches.

The Tuscan cuisine is very famous, from delicious local dishes, which are easily found in the small villages. In the towns there are fine restaurants, tavernas and small cafes, so there is free choice, ranging from a nice gourmet dinner to delicious snacks at a cafe.

Tuscany is a large wine area, most famous is probably Chianti from the area of ??the same name, from Montepulcianio Vino Nobile. From Montalcine Brunello and Vernaccio from San Gimignano. A famous dessert wine is Vino Santo

Tuscany is a region, offering all kinds of holiday. It is a big region and our offer of holiday homes is large, ranging from small apartments to large villas with or without swimming pool. So there is something for any wallet

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